American Girl

Melody Bromma, A. Quinn

“Love people”

I am an American girl
Today’s a brand new world
Never before had I lived unsure
Now today’s tomorrow is a blur

Still I am an American
Born to be Californian
Grew up tan in freedoms’ sun
Answering to the call of One

I sing - hear my voice
I speak of strength and joy
In my words I am heard
Hear me well hear this American girl

I am an American girl
Maybe I can change the world
Listen as I tell the truth
Love can free you

I’m an American girl
I can try to change the world
And love will free you too

My dance has begun
I see a new day dawn
Clear vision - no blinders on
See me well, see America’s woman

I sing - let hearts unfurl
I speak of a brighter world
In these words, let’s be heard
Hear us well hear America’s girls

I am an American girl
I can try to change the world… and so can You

Love will change the world...
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